Anyone can book an appointment directly with Mackenzie Social Work Services.

Referrals and rebates 

If deemed eligible by your treating health professional, you or your child may be able to access Medicare rebates:

Mental Health Care Plan: up to 10 therapy sessions per calendar year. The rebate for each session is currently $77.80^.

Chronic Disease Management: up to 5 therapy sessions per calendar year. The rebate for each session is currently $55.10^.


To receive a Medicare rebate when seeing Mackenzie Social Work Services:

1. See your treating health professional for an appointment to discuss any mental health concerns (GP, paediatrician or psychiatrist);

2. The treating health professional can develop a Mental Health Care Plan and provide you options of which therapists you could see;

3. Choose Mackenzie Social Work Services and let your treating health professional know so they can complete the referral letter; and


4. Email your referral letter and Mental Health Care Plan to


If you have private health insurance you may be eligible for rebates, check with your insurance provider to see if Mental Health Social Work is covered.


Fees and charges

Please contact us for current fees and charges as they may vary. The following information is if you have a valid Mental Health Care Plan:

  • Therapy Session - 50 minutes
    - $240.00 Medicare fee^: If Medicare rebate applies, the rebate back to you is $77.10.
    - $193.99 NDIS fee*:
    If you are Self or Plan Managed as we are not a registered NDIS Provider.                    

  • Privately funded Session - 50 minutes

       - $240.00 and no referral needed

  • Clinical Supervision Session - 60 minutes 

       - $190.00 for AMHSW or Clinical Social Worker

  • NDIS Reports, Letters and Assessments 

       - Report fees vary, please contact us

       - Letter fee is 1hr standard therapy fee

       - Assessment fees vary, please contact us

  • Consultancy and Training

       - Fees vary, please contact us

       - Half-day and full-day training options

  • Work-required Travel

       - $0.85c per kilometre

  • Cancellation Policy

       - Where MSWS has a Short Notice Cancellation (or no show), they are able to claim 100% of the agreed fee associated with the activity from the participant’s plan, subject to the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits and the terms of the service agreement with the participant. A cancellation is a short notice cancellation if the participant:

• Does not show up for a scheduled support within a reasonable time, or is not present at the agreed place and within a reasonable time when the provider is travelling to deliver the support; or

• Has given less than seven (7) clear days’ notice for a support.

  • Credit card surcharge

Where we are not invoicing an organisation or third party, please note there is a 1.9% credit card surcharge for relevant transactions. Note you can also direct deposit your session fees upon receipt of our invoice.

  • Goods and Services Tax (GST)

Please note, fees for social work therapy and counselling do not attract GST. Fees for clinical supervision, training and provision of reports/documents are GST inclusive.

^If you receive services funded by Medicare, please note, the fees and rebates are subject to change as per the latest Medicare Benefits Schedule and your rebate threshold.

*If you receive services funded by the NDIS, please note, the fees are subject to change as per the current NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits.

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

We are not a registered NDIS provider but we can provide therapy if you are self-managed or plan-managed. The fee is always in alignment with the latest NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits.

Other NDIS-related work requested such as reports, review letters and travel is charged separately and discussed prior with you, your Coordinator of Support or your Plan Manager.  

We are a provider for the following programs:

  • Better Access

  • Healthy Minds

  • Connected to Wellbeing

  • Department of Veterans Affairs (OpenArms)

  • Victims of Crime (No. A2139)

  • Pregnancy Support Counselling

  • National Disability Insurance Scheme

  • Workers Compensation (SIRA No. 18190)

  • Out of Home Care assessments and therapy

  • BUPA Health Fund

  • Teachers/University Health Fund

  • Nurses and Midwives Health Fund

  • Access Employee Assistance Program (EAP)